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"New Horizons Discovery Center has been an extremely positive influence on our daughter's cognitive, social, and physical development. She has attended New Horizons Discovery Center for about one year and my wife and I have seen tremendous strides in her knowledge and her interpersonal skills. She is obtaining a foundation that will allow her to make a successful transition from preschool to kindergarten."

Bobby and Melanie Kestory (Kaci 3 Years old)


"When my son was about two and a half years old, my wife decided to return to teaching. She began an exhaustive search of almost every preschool and daycare in Deland, interviewing staff, taking notes and gauging our son's reaction to each place. Honestly we were at our wits end, because none of the places she visited met out standards. Luckily, we happened to see the newly opened New Horizons Discovery Center sign.

Yolanda Cortes, owner/director, has made every effort to accommodate our son. She is very experienced in preschool education and offers a stimulating variety, in an educational environment, that is preparing our son for kindergarten. They have an "open door" policy in all areas of their operation. They do a great Job managing communications with parents and work diligently to resolve any questions that parents have. The physical facility is clean and safe.

All of this would not have mattered, if it were not for their most important quality. They care about the kids and our son really likes them. He really enjoys going to school everyday!"

Al Hamlin (Mathew, 3 yr old)


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These are just a few of the many satisfied parents of children attending our Center.