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We are proud to offer the very best Preschool Education available in West Volusia. The following are some of the benefits of attending our school:

A warm, colorful and stimulating child-friendly environment for 18 mo to 5 Year olds Owned & Operated by a FL Certified Teacher Hot Lunches/Nutritious Snacks Small Groups for Quality Care Language/Math/Science Curiculums ALL MEALS INCLUDED Individual Attention to Each Child's Development Quality VPK Program  

At New Horizons Discovery Centers we offer Guaranteed Individual Attention to each and every child. We believe that small children are each at a different level of development and that trying to teach children on a group setting is innefficient unless each individual's level of development is considered.

Our teachers at New Horizons Discovery Centers are trained to recognized and work with each child at their own level of development, both at the emotional and intellectual levels.  We also employ an innovative educational method that takes advantage of the latest Audio-Visual and Multi-Media Technologies which greatly enhances our proven teaching methods.

So come by and see for yourself! Discover one of Deland's little secrets. 

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New Horizons Discovery Centers

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New Horizons Discovery Centers

The Average child spends 12 hours in daycare. 12 HOURS MAKES FOR A VERY LONG DAY! Multiply those twelve hours by five times in the average week and you'll see that your child may spend as much as 60 (SIXTY) hours a week in daycare!

Would it be worthwhile to make sure that your child is enjoying those SIXTY hours away from home?

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