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At New Horizons Discovery Centers we provide a warm, colorful and stimulating environment for children ages 2 to 5. Owned & Operated by a FL Certified Teacher. We complement our care with hot lunches and nutritious snacks. Our classes are comprised of small groups (6 to 9 children per class max) for Quality Care. Our curriculum includes Language, Math, and Science plus Crafts and Music.

We started our Center in March of 2001. It was truly a labor of love between my wife and myself. In the beginning, I made the original playground including the slides for which I bent metal and formed the wood. It took me about a couple of months to finish.

I also made the first tables out of 3/4” laminated panels. Things started real slow and the September 11 events didn’t exactly help. So, little by little we built our enrollment. Mrs “C” had just gotten out of being a Volusia County Elementary school teacher but I was still working part-time in the auto parts field.

Our best years were 2004 to 2006. We had about 27 to 29 kids enrolled. Even though our licensed capacity is 35, we never thought it would be practical to enroll that many. In 2006 and 2007 we bought the new playground and lots of new equipment and furniture for the inside.

Today, our enrollment is not as great but we just concentrate on providing the best quality education and personal care that we can because we believe that children are our future and a most precious and special part of our lives.