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We are happy to provide you with these Internet Resources.  Please let us know if any of these links are not working any more. Thanks. : An excellent site to get all kinds of ideas for home schooling and many other education activities.  is revolutionizing the way teachers and students integrate technology into the classroom and work together to enhance learning.  is dedicated to helping people through the painful process of divorce and related issues. Offering a nationwide listing of divorce lawyers, information on items pertaining to divorce, a law library and an active community in our online forums.  : Award winning site helping parents since 1996.  This website is about helping parents nurture their connection with their children. Founded in 1989 by Patty Wipfler, they have a growing team of staff, instructors, consultants and volunteers who provide information and support to parents around the globe. Their administrative offices are in Palo Alto, California. Playful Parenting is about joining children in their world of play, focusing on connection and confidence, giggling and roughhousing, and following your child's lead.